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About Us

Dr. Ben Tapper’s connection to chiropractic began at birth. His father, who is a retired chiropractor, made sure the entire family was under care while they grew up. Any aches, pains, injuries or sicknesses would be addressed through chiropractic. Over time, various members of the family joined the chiropractic profession, Dr. Tapper among them.

When it was time to open his practice, Dr. Tapper found an opportunity in our community. His wife’s family lives in the area, and they gladly decided to start The Wellness Pointe here.

Serving With Love

Our mission is to love people. It’s simple yet powerful. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of gaining our patients’ trust, serving them and seeing families grow. The most rewarding part of what we do is making a connection with each individual while assisting them in feeling and functioning better.

Leading With Abundance

We like to say that God is the CEO of The Wellness Pointe. Our role is as servants, relying on Him and using God as our moral compass. We’re here to serve you to the best of our abilities, discovering what your concerns are and working with you to thoroughly address them. Our mindset is one of abundance rather than scarcity and unleashing your incredible potential for healing so that you can live out your life’s purpose.

Read Some of Our Patient Stories

A surprising side effect of chiropractic

A man came into the office to see if Dr. Tapper could help his lower back pain. What the man didn’t mention was that for eight years, he’d had an open wound on his leg that wouldn’t heal from a previous injury. After his first week of care, the man came in reporting that the wound on his leg was about 80% healed. Though every other therapy he’d tried did nothing, chiropractic made the difference.

Help for hearing loss

Dr. Tapper had a patient who was 100% deaf in her left ear. She’d never been to the chiropractor when she first saw Dr. Tapper. After the adjustment, the woman started crying. Concerned, Dr. Tapper asked her what happened. The woman informed him that the woman could hear.

Traveling the distance to get results

Another patient was a woman who traveled more than two hours to come to the office after hearing positive things about Dr. Tapper. She brought in her daughter, who at 3 years old was confined to a wheelchair. The daughter had just one bowel movement a month during which she would scream from the pain. After a single adjustment, the girl had a bowel movement and was regular since then.

Avoiding surgery for ear infections

One of our favorite stories is about a 6-year-old boy who was scheduled to have tubes put in his ears to address his frequent ear infections. The boy was adjusted on a Monday. On Tuesday, the mom called Dr. Tapper and said that the boy’s ears were oozing liquid, but the boy was in good spirits with no pain. Finally, the boy’s ears were able to drain as they should. The medical doctor confirmed the results and the boy never had to have tubes inserted.

Learn More Today

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